The Original Yellow Jacket

Our most comfortable performance jacket with splash-proof technology and perfect for running or just wear it with a style.

We have 3 available colours

Protect yourself from the elements with this BRND95 jacket. This wind and light rain-resistant jacket with a detailed embroidery design has a practical hood, front kangaroo pocket.



the yellow colour is known

as the colour of happiness.

The story behind this jacket starts with me driving through almost empty streets to work during a pandemic. Only people which I saw on this day to day travel were people who wanted to escape from their houses - some went for walk and some for sport activities. I wanted to bring some colour into this miserable life during Covid-19 back in March 2020 and the idea started to form. My goal was to combine sport and leisure into a jacket with the most important key aspect of being Britain-weatherproof. As we all know in Britain the weather is a cycle of rain cold wind and cloudiness 

A jacket, worn by both men and women.

A jacket that is one of the most important pieces in every modern wardrobe. Designed to please everyone and made in 3 colour palette with black embroidered logo, this versatile piece of outerwear suitable for both sport and leisure activities.

An Idea which was impossible on the beginning turned to be the most ideal one.